How do I make a website? I want my site!

Let’s first see what type of website you want before we learn how to create one.

I need a simple website in HTML. To see my company name online as an extension to the business card or for another reason.

I need it for an IT exam. A site that contains text and pictures. This extension is not recommended for clients or others interested in the business card. It allows them to find a larger description and some additional images.

I need a presentation website to present my company. It consists of several static pages that provide detailed information about the company and the products or services it offers. This website is ideal for businesses whose products/services are not frequently updated and have a limited number of customers. The presentation and elegance of the products/services reflects the professionalism and turnover of the company.

I need a dynamic presentation website that I can manage. An administration panel is required if the company’s products or services require periodic updates. You want to be able, at all times, to make those updates yourself without incurring additional costs. You can create any product or presentation page without the assistance of a web designer.

I need a complicated site. It could be a forum, blog, online shop, photo gallery, or video gallery. There should also be a database of products, customers, orders and stocks. You might even know how to cook and wash dishes. Already, we are entering a realm where imagination is all that is needed. There are no limits to the possibilities and there is no limit to what you can do. All that is required is imagination and financial ability to fund such a project.

How do you create a simple and small website?

First, I recommend that you choose a web editor program called “What You See is What You Get”. This program allows you to create a simple website with minimal programming knowledge. Cool! Not? Yes, it is possible. But not until you realize that inserting or deleting images can cause the whole web page to be destroyed. Nobody was born educated. Some people study for years, but still don’t have the right knowledge about web design and web promotion. These programs include Frontpage, Dreamweaver, Web Page Maker, Free Web Page Creator, Web Page Maker, and Web Page Maker. Many website-creation programs can be downloaded for free (it is obvious how useful they are:)

How to create a presentation website for your company

Even if you don’t know the basics, there are still ways to create a professional presentation site. To correct the errors made by these programs, you must first understand HTML and CSS. It doesn’t take long to learn HTML and basic CSS. It all depends on your determination. It is possible to learn how to optimize it and promote it within 4-8 months. In about one year, you can sell your products or services via your website.

You could contact us if you’re in a hurry and don’t want a website that works in one year.

How to create a dynamic presentation website that you can manage

Anyone who dreams of owning a website can realize this dream – to be in control of it, to edit, delete, or modify pages as he pleases. You don’t need to call a web designer to update your contact page phone number or to modify the price of product.

You have already learned HTML and CSS and can now create a simple website. Now you need to learn PHP and MySQL. You will have your own website, complete with a database that allows you to change prices and phone numbers.

It is possible to learn PHP and MySql basics and then use an Open Source CMS (osCommerce or Drupal, Joomla, Magento) with little knowledge about configuring Apache servers. These can be installed on any server, public or local, and then used either as is or in combination with other components or extensions, depending on the purpose of your website. You can go back to the beginning. It is possible for you to find errors, and learn how to fix them. Although it is not universally applicable, you can get confused trying to make it work for you.

Sometimes, a professional team of web programmers can work for months to create a website that is complex with certain calculation formulas and algorithms.

You will need to have technical and extensive experience in order to choose the right CMS for your website. You will then need to give the site a professional look by either looking for templates or creating one.

These extra steps are unnecessary if you don’t want to spend the time necessary to manage a business (the website represents it) and to develop it. Let the people who are good at what they eat do it.
A dynamic portal is a good choice if you need a site that is more complicated. I don’t know anything else.

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