Create and update a website

A website design is not an easy task. It all depends on how complex the project. You have the option to either create your own website or hire a web designer.

The advantage of the first option is its affordability. This includes the cost of prior knowledge acquisitions in some form. Also, the time spent on routine work and the time taken to accumulate a minimum amount of experience.

This allows you to update the content at any time and modify the design as needed. This option saves us the time and effort of creating and maintaining websites. However, it can reduce the control over refinement elements, updates at all times of the day or night if you choose a simple website that does not allow for administration.

Today, dynamic websites are becoming more popular. They use PHP and have databases. At the same time, they offer an administration panel that allows for almost any modification to be made from any location, even without having to know any programming languages – like CMS.

The basics of web site design activity

You will need to know HTML and use an HTML editor program to create a website professionally. This will make it easier to create web pages. You can easily and knowingly add HTML elements for layout or visual formatting.

It is evident that if the web page creator does not know the HTML language (standard), it will be difficult to control the correctness and optimality of the code on the site created in this manner, even if he uses a visual editor.

A badly written HTML code can cause problems for search engines as well as display issues in different web browsers.

The HTML stage will cover more subtle aspects and the implementation extended functions to refine the structure. This will require new knowledge such as CSS, JavaScript Java, Java, XML and PHP.

We can return to the basic HTML language and tell you that many HTML editing software are available, most of them free. Microsoft’s FrontPage is a good WYSIWYG program that beginners can use. You can purchase it separately or for a fee within the Microsoft Office suite. HTML Editor is another HTML editor of the WYSIWYG variety. It is free and available in the suite. Some IT magazines have it stored periodically on CDs.

The two most classic HTML editors (requires knowledge of the HTML language), are “AceHTML” and “HTML-Kit”. Both versions can be downloaded in both the paid (“Pro”) or the free (“Free”) versions.

After creating the site, we need to upload it to the server hosting it. If the webmaster has a good knowledge of FTP client programs, this will be very easy. The Windows Commander or Total Commander file manager is one example.

These programs allow you to update your site by deleting pages, adding new pages, or replacing old pages with more recent versions.

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